Why Apple is evil: Liquid sensors that throw false positives

This is hardly news, nor is it specific to Apple, but here we go.

The iPhone uses liquid sensors that, whenever they’re exposed to liquid, notify a service technician that the device has been exposed to liquid. This is generally a good idea, that reduces warranty fraud.

However, independent studies appear to have shown that these sensors sometimes produce false positives, while in the normal operating conditions for the phone. Obviously, this could cause major issues for owners of devices that have failed, after a false positive.

A class action lawsuit against Apple has been filed.

Source: CNET

Why Apple is evil: They utterly fail to understand the Streisand effect

I’ve avoided covering anything involving the lost iPhone 4G story, because so far, Apple’s actions in this case hadn’t been evil. The phone was their property, and it should be returned to them. Fair enough.

You can even argue for charges to be filed against those that participated in the checkbook journalism, as they knowingly purchased property that wasn’t theirs. However, allegedly, the seller contacted Apple, and they said it wasn’t theirs, that it was a Chinese knockoff.

But, now, it’s gone from perfectly sane to ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY ABSURD.

Apple has gotten the San Mateo police department to raid Jason Chen’s home, apparently against both California law, and federal law, due to their protection of journalists and their sources.

Presumably, Apple’s trying to get the cat back into the bag.


Source: Gizmodo