Well, my friends have done the inevitable…

…and it’s not done yet.

Being a Honda, this was mandatory.


This was how I rolled in, as a joke. The cause of all of this. You know, it looks like a B4 Passat. 😆

Racing stripe. 50 horsepower. 😆


I get an F!

Take a look at my supa fly RRRRIDE! (The stickers say “FLY RACING”. They came with the car. :lol:)

Hahahahahaha… temporary replacement for the Jetta

1988 Honda Civic.

1.5L 16 valve gasser engine.

4 speed slsuhbox.

No radio.

Broken AC.

Worn out suspension.

Destroyed tires.

In desparate need of an alignment.

Cracked windshield.

Questionable painting.

At least it runs well? 😆 And only cost $500? While I get an 86 Golf to repair using parts from my 85 Jetta? :p


I think this says it all.



And, even though sometimes she didn’t treat me the best, a :beer: for saving me from ANY injury. 🙂