Starting a documentation and file collection project for the Sun-1

For a few months now, I’ve been interested in Sun workstations, and when you seriously (or even not so seriously) get into a hobby, you sometimes start looking into its history. While looking into Sun’s history, I’ve found that information on the early Sun workstations (that is, those before the Sun-2 line) is extremely scarce, and scattered across the Internet. While I was able to find what I was looking for at the time, even a few months later, I’ve lost some of those links. Therefore, I decided to start an archive for information about the Sun-1 and its predecessors, and for files for those machines. It’s currently hosted off of my own personal server, although mirrors would be appreciated. If you wish to contribute to this project, either by providing information, files, or providing a mirror, please let me know. Here’s the information I’m looking for:

  • Any documents published by Stanford University about the Stanford University Network hardware
  • Any documents published by VLSI Systems about the SUN hardware sold by that company
  • Any documents published by Sun Microsystems about Sun-1 workstation models with 68000 (not 68010) CPUs
  • Any documents published by third parties about the above systems, or hardware included in these systems
  • Firmware for any of these systems
  • Software for any of these systems, especially UniPlus V7 Unix
  • High-resolution images of circuit boards, including:
    • SUN and Sun-1 68000 CPU boards
    • SUN and Sun-1 framebuffers, both monochrome and color
    • SUN and Sun-1 memory boards
    • Disk controller boards used in SUN and Sun-1 systems, including the Interphase SMD 2180
    • Ethernet boards used in SUN and Sun-1 systems
    • Any other boards of interest for the SUN and Sun-1
  • Screenshots and photographs of SUN and Sun-1 systems in operation
  • Personal accounts of using SUN and Sun-1 systems