Question for how to proceed with my “Why Apple is evil” series

So, you might notice that I’ve fallen behind in my posting schedule for this blog. My goal was to post a piece of news about why Apple is evil every day.

I’ve failed in that goal, so far – at this point, I should have 61 articles up, yet I only have 26.

So, how would you like me to proceed? There’s two options.

My first option is to stick with the date that I had originally planned to end this series, in September 2015. I’ll post articles as I get them, but I most likely won’t hit my target of one article per day, even averaged out – so there won’t be 1,984 days of bad PR, but the series will last 1,984 days still.

The other option is to only stop once I have 1,984 articles posted. My fear with that is, I’ll still be trying to update this thing 20 years from now, to catch up. Apple may be evil, but that doesn’t mean that they’re CONSTANTLY doing evil things – news of them doing something evil seems to come out in bursts.


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