Matias Tactile Pro 4 keyboard review

I’ve wanted to try Matias’s new keyswitches since I’ve heard of their release, and finally, decided to go ahead and get a Tactile Pro 4, as my local Micro Center had them in stock.

Matias has developed their own clone, the Matias Click switch, of the Alps SKCM tactile keyboard switch (specifically, the simplified white version), and installed it in their long-running (Mac-optimized) Tactile Pro series, creating the Tactile Pro 4. The previous model, the Tactile Pro 3, used Fuhua switches, and in my opinion, these switches had downright terrible quality. They’ve also cloned the SKCM cream switch, which had rubber damping, as the Matias Quiet Click switch, and are using it in the new Quiet Pro keyboard, although I’m not reviewing that switch.

So, I don’t typically review keyboards on this blog, and I’m not sure why I haven’t. So, here goes. Continue reading “Matias Tactile Pro 4 keyboard review”

Finally got my Selectric back up and running

Click to embiggen to a more readable size.

Here’s a (crappy cell phone) photo of the machine in question:

And here’s the force curve of the Selectric (Composer, but the mechanism is essentially the same in other Selectrics) keyboard: