Holy crap it’s been a long time since I’ve made an entry…

Where do I begin…

Well, last day at my job was June 13… that sucked. Oh well, I’ll be able to get more experience this way…

Got new wheels for the Miata – Konig Heliums. 15×6.5, 11.4 lbs per wheel. They look great. 🙂

Palm OS web browsers suck the big one. And Opera Mini runs like ass in WebSphere. How do I know this? I got a Centro. Much better than that dying Sanyo.

Today, I got a Selectric II. Man, that thing is fun to type on. For some reason, the 6, 7, 8, and 9 keys don’t spring back up properly, but other than that, it’s in perfect working order.

Oh, and not sure that the sidebar is updating properly, but I got a Twitter account… check it out at http://twitter.com/bhtooefr 🙂

Hmm. Haven’t posted in a while.

So, I moved into my apartment at the beginning of October.

The first weekend I was there, I thought to myself, “self, your car is a piece of shit. I think you need to buy a new one.”

So I did so – a 1992 Mazda Miata.

Rather… different from the Golf, but DAMN fun.

The Golf, FWIW, is awaiting a friend to be ready for it, to part it out.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally got a real camera, and today, I decided to find a nice big parking lot and have fun in the ice and snow.

So I did so. See below. 😀


Well… things are changing…

So, I got on salary at work, with a giant raise to do so…

And, I just signed for an apartment last night, and will be moving in on the 1st of October. It’s 2.4 miles from work, and all along wide 35 MPH streets, whereas I’m currently living 40 miles from work. So, I can actually bike commute.

Speaking of that, I’ve been working on my bike… now it’s got fenders, LOTS of rear lighting, a pannier (and I think I’m going to get another one,) and a new saddle.

In addition, the other day, I worked on a friend’s 1965 Hillman Super Minx diesel. We made a bunch of progress, but didn’t get it going.

Anyway, this is a rather interesting car. From what’s been found, it’s believed that only 100 of the diesel version of this car were produced. If that’s not rare enough, only FIVE were believed to have made it to the US. And, TWO are believed to survive in the US. This is one of them, and my friend got it for DAMN cheap.

The thing is basically a normal Hillman Super Minx, except it’s got a Perkins 4.99 diesel swapped in at the factory, in place of the normal Hillman gasoline engine. Take a look at the photo album I have of this car for more.

ZOMG, I’m worth $5100!

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Everybody off of the roads!

I now have my driver’s license. 😀

IIRC, I got a -12 on the manueverability. -25 or better is a pass (and -0 is a perfect score). 🙂

Then, I went to the road test. Umm, tip here. Get familiar with the car you’re using for the road test before actually taking it. 😆 Also, it helps to have actually remembered to set up an appointment beforehand. :p Got a -41.

So, yesterday, I took it again. I got a… wait for it… -0. 😀