Long time, no post…

So, since the last Civic post, I’ve gotten a 1986 Golf diesel from oilhammer on TDIClub. The car needed a brake booster, master cylinder, steering rack, driveshafts, and an engine and transmission. Luckily, despite the frontal impact on the Jetta, only one driveshaft was damaged, and that was in moving the car, not in the wreck!

GMARK, Growler, and compu_85 helped out a lot… heck, GMARK even provided the site for the engine swap.

The engine swap went fairly well… just one note for future reference. Make sure you plug in the fuel cutoff solenoid wire before trying to start the thing. 😆

Then, a brake line failed, so had to limp it to a brake shop.

Now, an engine mount’s failed, but that, minor shifter issues, and getting the title transferred (waiting on the title to be notarized) are all that are in the way of getting this car on the road (and the failed engine mount and shifter issues won’t prevent me from driving it for a short term until they’re fixed). Which is good, seeing as the Civic’s driveshafts are shot, and I don’t have the experience to install new ones. And I don’t have any other vehicles to drive.

Oh, and I’m going to see if I can institute Google AdSense on this blog. We’ll see when Google approves the application… 😆

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