Why Apple is evil: Their core values include kicking down doors in an attempt to put the cat back in the bag

It appears that someone had even suggested that Steve Jobs let Gizmodo’s checkbook journalism slide. But no, that would “change [Apple’s] core values.”

Gizmodo’s checkbook journalism was certainly shady, but here’s the thing – the cat was already out of the bag. Too much interest in future Apple products for this to be a deterrent (and look at the Vietnamese and Czech reporters who got iPads (correction: iPhones – this is what I get for typing after work) afterwards,) and it wasn’t going to get the info that was already out there back in there.

Source: Engadget

Why Apple is evil: Allowing AT&T to screw iPad customers badly

I almost didn’t cover this one, except Apple contributed to it.

AT&T decided to make the $30 unlimited data plan unavailable for the iPad, unless you already have the plan by June 7. Instead, they’ll have a $25 2 gig data plan.

Talk about a bait and switch…

But, you’ve still got time to get an iPad 3G before they do that, and get on the true unlimited plan, right?


Apple pulled the iPad 3G from the Apple Store.

Great job, Apple.

Update 2010-06-02 20:42Z: Turns out, not only that, but Apple’s pushed back pending iPad 3G orders to June 7. I think it’s safe to say that Apple’s evil bit is set on this one.

Source: Slashdot