Resolution, pixel density, viewing distances, and retina displays

For once, I actually post an entry that’s not bashing Apple. In fact, I’m going to defend Apple somewhat.

So, with the iPhone 4, Apple’s announced something they call a “Retina Display.”

That’s marketing speak for a display with higher resolution than the human eye – the human eye cannot discern pixels on a display of that pixel density, at one foot viewing distance.

One critic has claimed that Apple’s claims are false… which is only true if you ignore 20/20 vision, and go straight to 20/12, according to someone who worked on the optics for the Hubble Space Telescope. Continue reading “Resolution, pixel density, viewing distances, and retina displays”

Why Apple is evil: FTC investigating both iAd and app approval practices

When it rains, it pours.

I’ve already covered that the US Department of Justice is investigating Apple for their practices in the online music and video sales markets, and that the Federal Trade Commission and the DoJ are deciding who gets to investigate Apple for their practices with iAd.

But now, it seems that the FTC is investigating Apple both for their iAd practices, and for their restrictions on how applications are written.

Source: Ars Technica