Why Apple is evil: Banning apps for being potentially able to display objectionable content

I’m going to start a regular series, hopefully daily, inspired by this article on OSnews.

My goal is to, every day, post a piece of bad PR, ideally sourced externally, about Apple. I intend to post other things on this blog as well – this will be in addition to my normal infrequent posting.

Let’s start this out with an app rejection. (A lot of these will be app rejections.)

Apple has rejected an app, “You Are Hot,” for containing objectionable content. Problem is, at the time of review, it didn’t contain any content. It allowed users to submit content, and that content was moderated to make sure it WASN’T objectionable.

So, by that logic, Apple should ban Safari from the iPhone. After all, it might potentially show a breast. And, by their logic, you wouldn’t even be able to slap WebSense in front of the internet connection to prevent that breast from showing – if it can show user-generated content, it’s objectionable, apparently.

Isn’t this what parental controls are for, if you’re using the walled garden app model?

Source: App Rejections