Why Apple is evil: Political cartoons aren’t allowed, they might offend someone

Never mind that you can get to this sort of thing on Safari… apparently political cartoons aren’t allowed on the iPhone.

Ridiculing public figures being defamatory? What ever happened to parody? Also, being public figures, IIRC, the level for whether the speech is defamatory is higher.

Now, one thing I’ll say… this would be a non-issue, of Apple deciding they don’t want to distribute it, if Apple allowed external software. But, Apple has control over what runs on the iPhone completely.

Yes, they are reversing their decision on this app, but only because of the public backlash. This is actually a good sign – public backlash against their actions, such as this series of blog entries, makes them respond. But, they’re obviously willing to do something if they think they can get away with it.

Source: Slashdot

Big Media wants to put spyware on your computer. Do something about it.

The RIAA, MPAA, and other organizations want to install spyware to monitor your files, and use federal law enforcement agencies (PDF) to protect their revenue stream.

They don’t add value, they add cost, to benefit themselves, at the detriment of the artists that make the music, movies, and TV shows that you like. Problem is, people are beginning to realize this, and they don’t want to give up their dying business model – it works quite well for them. So, they’re buying laws to force people to keep paying them.

Sure, these laws won’t pass, they’re insane, but a watered down version, that looks sane in comparison, but is still quite insane, will likely be voted on, and passed. The politicians are in Big Media’s pockets.

So, what to do?

The answer is to take Big Media down.

Most people aren’t aware of what Big Media is doing, and I believe that if they were enlightened, they would at least reduce their content consumption, if not directly fight Big Media altogether.

The best way to make them aware? Get right out in front of them. Sure, the news media won’t pay attention, they’re part of Big Media as well. But, that’s not what will get people’s attention, anyway.

Big Media can’t stop people from picketing concerts and movie releases, as long as a place to do it without being on the concert venue or the movie theater’s property is available. So, picket. Organized protests around the nation. Get a group of people together, get a protest permit if it’s needed (PLEASE look up your local laws before doing this,) and picket, whenever a major concert occurs, or whenever there’s a movie release. Come up with catchy slogans that get the point across that Big Media wants to keep things locked up forever, they want to scan what’s on your computer to make sure that it’s all paid for (multiple times, in some cases,) they want to destroy fair use, and they want to sue you. Come up with a website with a short, easy to remember URL, to point people to.

Promote independent media – in fact, an interesting idea for a protest would be to have local independent performers perform at the protest, as an alternative concert. Pay them well, though. Entertain the people you’re trying to get this message out to, and they might just be more receptive.

If you think this is a good idea, reply to this. If you think this is a bad idea, reply to this. If you want to get started, definitely reply to this.

Technology is going backwards

You might be confused by the title. After all, every few months, computers get faster and faster, and get more features.

So why am I saying that technology is going backwards?

Well, I should be more clear. It’s display technology that’s going backwards.

Let’s start with what you can get right now, brand new.

Right now, the highest resolution computer monitor that money can buy is an impressive 3840×2160. It’s a 56″ display, made by several manufacturers, although they’re all using the same panel, Chimei Innolux’s V562D1. It uses SMVA technology, which is a fine technology, and provides good viewing angles and color accuracy, although not the best (which is IPS.) That said, the cheapest I’ve seen them is in the $40,000 area, and 56″ is, quite frankly, huge. Continue reading “Technology is going backwards”