Why Apple is evil: Firing engineers for showing your co-founder (who you still pay) a prototype

I’ll keep this one short, there’s not much to say.

Apple engineer gets iPad 3G. Apple engineer waits until wifi launch date to show Woz, and shows Woz. Apple engineer gets fired for that.

Great job, you just fired someone for showing a prototype to a person who is so critical to your company, it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for his hardware designs. I think you can let THAT particular NDA violation slide. Or just not make it a violation in the first place.

Source: Gizmodo

Why Apple is evil: They utterly fail to understand the Streisand effect

I’ve avoided covering anything involving the lost iPhone 4G story, because so far, Apple’s actions in this case hadn’t been evil. The phone was their property, and it should be returned to them. Fair enough.

You can even argue for charges to be filed against those that participated in the checkbook journalism, as they knowingly purchased property that wasn’t theirs. However, allegedly, the seller contacted Apple, and they said it wasn’t theirs, that it was a Chinese knockoff.

But, now, it’s gone from perfectly sane to ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY ABSURD.

Apple has gotten the San Mateo police department to raid Jason Chen’s home, apparently against both California law, and federal law, due to their protection of journalists and their sources.

Presumably, Apple’s trying to get the cat back into the bag.


Source: Gizmodo

Why Apple is evil: Why compete with your competition when you can just sue?

Some more old news, but Apple’s going for the patent suit method of killing its competitors, now.

And, rather than go against Google, they’re going against an OEM of Android hardware, HTC. This is likely an attempt to scare OEMs away from using Android – “use it, and you’ll get sued by Apple.”

Apple: Compete with Android on merit, not on suing manufacturers of Android hardware.

Source: BusinessWeek